The Tenga Egg Six Pack

Tenga Egg Six Pack

by admin on May 13, 2011

We thought you should know theres a new way to enjoy your tenga eggs – They’re not just for breakfast anymore!

Now available as a great value six-pack

Get all the varieties and choose your favourite from Wavy’s horizontal ripples or Twister’s vertical ones. Maybe it’s Silky’s thread-spun surface or Spider’s is web pattern. Then you might like Clicker’s protruding spheres or the amazing Stepper with notched out semi-circles.

You wont know until you have tried them all :-)


Which yolk for you today sir?

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by admin on May 6, 2011

The Tenga Egg is packaged within a wrapped plastic egg that clearly indicates the texture style of that particular sleeve.

There are six different eggs to choose from:

  • Wavy egg has horizontal ripples
  • Twister has vertical ripples
  • Silky has a thread-spun texture
  • Spider is lined with a web pattern (how appropriate)
  • Clicker is textured with protruding spheres
  • The Stepper has notched-out semi-circles

Plenty of masturbation variety – no chance to get bored!

Get your half-dozen eggs now!


Egg Clicker

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How to use a Tenga Egg

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I guess before we go any further, a few pointers on how to use this devilishly simple device might be handy. Well as you can see above there really isnt much to it: 1. When you open the packet, which really means peeling the cover from your egg, inside you will find a plastic case. [...]

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The easier, casual, funny and beauty adult toy

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They’re not just for breakfast anymore! Enjoy self-pleasure anytime with Tenga Eggs. Peel the outer layer like you would a hard-boiled egg, then crack open the shell to reveal an “ona-cup.” These egg-shaped masturbation sleeves offer several unique internal textures. Get different stokes from different yolks! Wavy has horizontal ripples and Twister has vertical ones. [...]

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